COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at Enoura Observatory

In consideration of the health and safety of our visitors and staff members, Enoura Observatory has put in place the following policies and procedures to prevent any possible spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding.

We ask the visitors the following:
・If you have a fever, taste or olfactory disorder, or any symptoms such as cough, sneeze or sore throat, please refrain from visiting.
・Wearing a mask is not a mandatory. When coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth with a mask, handkerchief or tissue paper.
・Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizers which are placed on site.
・Please keep social distance.
・Please refrain from talking inside the building or on the shuttle bus.
・Please do not touch artworks on display or on the walls.
・Cashless payment is preferred when purchasing catalogues on site.

Visitors’ Info

Admission to Enoura Observatory

In order for visitors to experience Enoura Observatory as if they were living in a less-densely populated pre-modern time, the number of visitors entering the site at each admission time will be limited. Purchase your reserved ticket using the “Purchase a ticket” link on this page.

Tuesday and Wednesday; New Year’s holidays and temporary closures due to special circumstances
Admission Hours

Two admission times a day
Morning admission: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Afternoon admission: 1:30pm - 4:30pm
*Visitors can explore Enoura Observatory at their own pace during each session as long as they check in at least 45 minutes before the designated ending time of their visiting session. Also please note that visits must conclude at the designated ending time for the visiting session.

  • Special evening admission: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
    *Evening admission is for Saturday, Sunday and Monday in August only. The duration is two hours. Due to the safety reasons, there is no entry to the Bamboo Grove Area during the evening admission.

  • Admission Price

    Reserved Tickets
    3,300 yen

  • for morning & afternoon admissions
  • 2,200 yen for evening admission
  • Walk-up Tickets
    3,850 yen

  • for morning & afternoon admissions
  • 2,750 yen for evening admission
  • A limited number of walk-up tickets will be sold depending on the number of reserved tickets booked for a particular admission time. If the number of reserved tickets has reached the designated limit, no walk-up tickets will be sold.

    Call the office (0465-42-9170) between 9:00am and noon on the day of your planned visit. Walk-up tickets can be purchased at the reception desk upon your arrival (cash, credit card and electronic payment accepted).

    • *Due to the unique nature of the premises and for safety reasons, visitors must be twelve years or older. We may ask visitors to present an official ID such as a passport, student ID, etc. in order to confirm their ages. Please be prepared to show appropriate identification at reception if required. Thank you for your understanding.
    • *There is no discount for groups.
    • *Visits by coach buses are not permitted. For information on how to get to Enoura Observatory, please refer to "Access."


    [Public Transport]

    Nearest train stations: JR Tokaido Line Nebukawa Station and Manazuru Station

    From the nearest train stations

    1) Nebukawa Station
    There is a free shuttle bus between Nebukawa Station and the Observatory. Please note that there is a new bus schedule from April 1, 2023.

    Until March 31:

    ・Morning admission (10:00am - 1:00pm)
    Departure times from Nebukawa Station: 9:45am / 10:05am / 10:30am
    Departure times from the Observatory: 11:45am / 12:30pm / 1:05pm

    ・Afternoon admission (1:30pm - 4:30pm)
    Departure times from Nebukawa Station: 1:15pm / 1:40pm / 2:00pm
    Departure times from the Observatory: 3:15pm / 4:00pm / 4:35pm

  • ・Evening admission (5:00pm - 7:00pm)
    Departure times from Nebukawa Station: 4:50pm
    Departure times from the Observatory: 6:40pm / 7:05pm

  • From April 1:

    ・Morning admission (10:00am - 1:00pm)
    Departure times from Nebukawa Station: 9:45am / 10:05am / 10:35am
    Departure times from the Observatory: 11:30am / 12:00pm / 12:30pm / 1:00pm

    ・Afternoon admission (1:30pm - 4:30pm)
    Departure times from Nebukawa Station: 1:15pm / 1:40pm / 2:00pm
    Departure times from the Observatory: 3:00pm / 3:30pm / 4:00pm / 4:30pm

    * Using the shuttle bus is strongly recommended as the Observatory is located off of a heavily trafficked, narrow mountain road approximately 40 minutes on foot from Nebukawa Station. The bus has a limited number of seats. If you plan to use the bus, please book a place when you purchase your ticket.

    ・The station is unstaffed and has only one exit.
    ・There are no elevators, escalators or coin operated lockers.
    ・The ticket vending machine (also for charging IC cards) operates only from 7:00am to 4:30pm. After 4:30pm, please use the orange machine (see the link below) to get a boarding certificate from Nebukawa Station. Press the button and a certificate will be issued free of charge. Present the boarding certificate to one of the station staff at your final destination. You will be charged the fare from Nebukawa Station to the destination station at that time. 

    [For your reference] Click below to view the images.
    Ticket vending machine at Nebukawa Station waiting room
    Boarding certificate issuing machine at Nebukawa Station waiting room

    2) Manazuru Station
    Use one of the taxis waiting outside the station.
    Travel time: approximately 10 minutes / Taxi fare: 1,800~2,000 yen

    [By car]

    Limited parking is available. Since the number of spaces is limited, please reserve a parking space when you book your ticket.

    [By chartered bus]

    Please make sure when arranging a chartered bus for your group that the bus does not exceed seven meters in length. The parking lot of the Observatory cannot accommodate buses longer than seven meters. For the safety of our guests, loading and unloading of passengers must take place in the parking lot. Stopping to load and unload passengers on the road leading to the Observatory is not an option as the road is extremely narrow and winding with poor line of sight. Thank you for your understanding.

    From Tokyo
    ↓ (Tomei Expressway 45 km)
    Atsugi Interchange
    ↓ (Odawara Atsugi Road 32 km)
    Odawara Nishi (West) Interchange
    ↓ (Seisho Bypass 5.4 km)
    Ishibashi Interchange
    ↓ (Turn onto National Highway 135 Prefectural Road 740 [toward Nebukawa Station] 6.2 km)
    Enoura Observatory
    From Nagoya
    ↓ (Tomei Expressway 223 km)
    Numazu Interchange
    ↓ (Tomei Expressway 45 km)
    Oimatsuda interchange
    ↓ (Prefectural Road 711 8 km)
    Odawara Higashi (East) interchange
    ↓ (Odawara Atsugi Road 7 km)
    Odawara Nishi (West) Interchange
    ↓ (Seisho Bypass 5.4 km)
    Ishibashi Interchange
    ↓ (Turn onto National Highway 135 Prefectural Road 740 [toward Nebukawa Station] 6.2 km)
    Enoura Observatory

    [For your reference]

    Google Map

    Purchase your ticket

    Reserved Tickets

    1. Use "Purchase a ticket" link
    Date & Time
    Mode of transportation (free shuttle bus / parking / other)
    Number of tickets

    A confirmation email will be sent to you.

    2. Payment
    Credit card only

    Walk-up Tickets

    1. Call the office on the day of your planned visit
    Call the office (0465-42-9170) between 9:00am and noon on the day of your planned visit to confirm that walk-up tickets are available. Walk-up tickets will not be available when the number of reserved tickets for a particular admission time has reached the designated limit.
    Please let us know if you are coming by a free shuttle bus, car or taxi when you call us the day of your planned visit.

    2. Payment
    Walk-up tickets can be purchased at the reception desk upon arrival (cash, credit card, and electronic payment accepted).

    Please read the following before buying your ticket.

    For your safety and enjoyment

    No one under the age of twelve will be admitted due to the nature of the complex and for safety reasons.
    Most of the complex is out of doors. There are some sloping areas, so please be careful when walking around. We recommend wearing shoes that are good for walking.
    Odawara Art Foundation takes no responsibility for any accidents arising out of visitors’ negligence.

    The new area open to the public from October 1, 2018, is accessible via unpaved walking paths down the hill from the Gallery. Access to the new area may be restricted when it is raining or if the paths are wet and slippery.

    • ・Do not touch the walls, windows or works of art.
    • ・Do not use fountain pens, ink or paint in any of the buildings.
    • ・The whole complex is a no-smoking zone.
    • ・It is forbidden to use mobile phones inside any of the buildings. If you use your phone within the grounds, please do so in a manner that causes minimum annoyance to other people.
    • ・Do not eat or drink outside other than in the designated areas. Kindly take your rubbish home with you.
    • ・Pets are not allowed anywhere in the complex. However, we welcome visitors with guide dogs, hearing dogs or assistance dogs.
    • ・Due to the unique design of the complex, some parts are not wheelchair accessible. We ask for your understanding.
    • ・You are welcome to take photographs for private use; however, commercial photography is prohibited.
    • ・The use of tripods is not allowed.
    • ・Flash photography is not allowed in the gallery.
    Bad weather
    If Odawara Art Foundation decides that it is unable to guarantee visitor safety after the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a warning, or if JR and other public transport systems suspend their services, or if there is heavy rain, heavy snow, or strong winds, we may temporarily close the complex without advance notice.
    We will announce any such temporary closure on our homepage. We appreciate your understanding.

    Once issued, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be amended.