Promotional video for “At the Hawk’s Well” at The National Opera of Paris is now on view Programs

“At the Hawk’s Well,” produced by Hiroshi Sugimoto, will be featured as one of the opening programs
this season at The National Opera of Paris to celebrate the Opera’s 350th anniversary. This production is based on
the play of the same name which was inspired by Noh play written by the Irish poet and playwright
William Butler Yeats who was himself inspired by Noh play. Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborates with Ryoji Ikeda,
Alessio Silvestrin, Rick Owens and the Opera’s ballet dancers. In the long history of the Opera,
this will be the first time that Noh performers have appeared on stage.

Please see the promotional video in which Hiroshi Sugimoto explains about the concept of the work.
Please see the English text here.

At the Hawk’s Well
Dates: September 19 – October 15, 2019
Venue: Palais Garnier, The National Opera of Paris
Director: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Music & sound creation: Ryoji Ikeda
Choreography: Alessio Silvestrin
Script: William Butler Yeats
Scenography: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Costume design: Rick Owens

“At the Hawk’s Well” will be double-featured with “Blake Works I,” William Forsythe’s most recent creation
at the Palais Garnier. More information will be forthcoming on this site.

Please also check The National Opera of Paris’s official website.